CFSummit 2015 Reflection

I’m sitting at the airport in Las Vegas thinking about CFSummit 2015.

I was excited for the conference, but it exceeded my expectations. Especially when compared with some other conferences I’ve attended recently, this conference has had a huge impact on my skills and career.

I think that’s partially because it reminded me how much I love programming. There are a lot of different kinds of projects back at work, and not all of them programming ones. This conference reminded me that I really like the programming ones.

I think it’s partially because the conference was well organized. The conference area was nice. Wifi worked well. The sessions were very informative. The food was excellent. This was probably my favorite Vegas conference location yet.

But mostly, I think it’s because of the community. I decided that I was going to be very prolific on Twitter. (Really prolific. Over 100 of my 500+ tweets happened in the last two days!) That led me to interact with a lot of smart people. The CFML community is very friendly and helpful. I already knew this from the CFML Slack (which you definitely should be on), but it was nice to see in yet another venue. I was able to meet some people in person that I had only interacted with online. Their interaction helped build my confidence — confidence to write more and even submit a couple proposals to dev.Objective() 2016.

I think a key step in keeping a language and community alive is to participate. Participate on Slack and on Twitter. Help out where you can. Submit bug reports and pull requests. No community will die when we’re participating. 

This conference was absolutely a success. I can’t wait to come back next year for CFSummit 2016.

Though, I definitely wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t in Vegas.

CFSummit 2015 Reflection

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