Server Toggling in CommandBox

Really quick post here.

I was wanting to set up aliases for CommandBox. Here’s a few examples:

Notice Line 2? The problem was that I wanted to use bss for both box server start and box server stop. “Wouldn’t it be nice,” I wondered, “if CommandBox would just choose the right one?”

Yes. Yes, it would.

I started with a pull request. Brad Wood helped me out with some code review and helped me realize that this was better off as a ForgeBox command.

Brad also talked about how CommandBox commands are moving to modules in the next version.
While I’m super excited for that (Modules are the best!), I wanted this now, so this is a normal CommandBox command.

The code was pretty simple:

The new toggle command is nested in a server folder. CommandBox nests commands in namespaces according to their folder structure. By nesting toggle.cfc in server, I am essentially adding the toggle command to the existing server namespace.

Also note the aliases metadata on the command of toggle. That let’s us just type toggle as opposed to server toggle.

Here’s the box.json:

One thing to note is Line 6. The value in createPackageDirectory overrides the default name for the package. Since my package’s name is server-toggle, CommandBox was installing it to a server-toggle folder. Specifiying server in the createPackageDirectory field ensures this command is under the server namespace.

That’s it! You can check out the code on GitHub or install the package yourself by running install server-toggle in CommandBox.

Server Toggling in CommandBox

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