Team Pull Requests

We had a fun activity today as a team at O.C. Tanner. Every Friday we try to take an opportunity to train as a team. Sometimes we train individually with screencast sites like Code School. Lately we’ve been taking turns researching a topic and then teaching it to the others (like “An In Depth Intro to Arrays” or “SQL Tips”). Today, we tried a different activity — we did a training on pull requests by each submitting a pull request to is an open source website dedicated to quick access to cross-platform docs on cfml tags and functions. Highly recommended.

This isn’t a blog post about submitting pull requests (though you can read a great one here or here). This is to promote the idea that you can both (1) train your team and (2) give back to the community at the same time. I have found that my programming skills have grown in leaps and bounds even in the short time since I started really involving myself in the cfml community. Now the same can be said for our team.

The activity was a great success. Seven (7) pull requests total. Try it with your team today.

Team Pull Requests

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  1. Eric – very commendable what you are doing for your team, not just the giving back to CFML community / but also investing in your team with dedicated time for training.

    A lot of companies can learn from this, thanks for posting – keep it up!

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