Into the Box Wrap-up

Into the Box 2016 just finished up. What a great conference! It was my first time speaking and I feel like it was the perfect venue — only 30 minutes long in front of a small, supportive group about a fairly specific subject matter. Thank you to everyone who came to my sessions and supported me!

Below are the links to my slides for the presentations:

Mixing Up the Front-end with ColdBox Elixir
Integration Testing in a Modern World

I’m really excited for Into the Box next year, as well. The plans are right now to expand Into the Box to a 2-day conference all focused on Box products. I think that is a good idea. I really enjoyed how specific the content was, and I definitely have more to learn about this awesome framework and the tools around it. Looking forward to it!

Next up is dev.Objective(). I have two presentations there as well. If you’re in town, I hope to see you there.

CFML Sessions for Dummies
Live Testing a Legacy App

Into the Box Wrap-up

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