dev.Objective() Wrap-up

Well, dev.Objective is wrapping up now. This week has been my first week presenting at a conference, and I’m grateful to everyone that came out to hear what I had to say. Links to the slides are available below.

CFML Sessions for Dummies
Live Testing a Legacy App

Overall, I enjoyed the conference. As a CFML developer, I gravitated more to the CFML specific tracks and even wished there was more of it. After 3 days (4 with Into the Box) I am more than ready to head back home. I think I would just enjoy a 2-day conference track just as much, maybe even more.

One thing I especially liked was that I can’t remember hearing any one apologize for CFML here at dev.Objective(). That was a welcome change from CFSummit, where I feel that’s the pitch of the entire conference.

My favorite sessions were definitely the ones on Lucee. It was really neat to see behind the curtains, if you will, of Lucee — seeing the build happen, seeing a bug get fixed, seeing the community in action. I even entered a feature request (LDEV-888) yesterday that was added within 12 hours! Lucee is a breath of fresh air coming from ACF. I hope that I can get better at contributing back. I now know that test cases are just TestBox cfcs (like this), so I can definitely include one with a bug report.

I think my biggest complaint about dev.Objective() would be the cost. Both the conference and the hotel were pretty expensive and made it so my entire team couldn’t come. Hopefully those items can be addressed in the future in some way.

These conferences always remind me of how good the active CFML community is. I hope we can all work at getting more of the community active and contributing!

Until the next CFML conference.


dev.Objective() Wrap-up

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